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good evening, americans welcome to "the ed show" tonight. these stories on the table. the democrats think they got a big victory when christine o'donnell clinched her primary, but they better stop popping the champagne. she reps a serious republican shift to the right and they love it. if we don't get a withold of this game now, the country will go right down the tubes. president obama made a brilliant move about an hour ago, stealing the headlines from the nut job tea partiers and sticking it to the republicans holding down the middle class in this country. he used the word hostage. are republicans eating their own?
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carve rove attacked the tea party's new darling, and the righties are ripping him. they all got a piece of rove today. i'll sort it out for you in a moment. this is the story that has me fired up tonight. now, i don't care how many psycho talkers won last night. i don't care, but, folks, it looks like the democrats really need to get this thing in gear. what happened is bad for america in my opinion. the so-called political experts think the tea party senate candidate christine o'donnell's win in the delaware primary signals an upcoming civil war in the republican party. tim kaine was on the ""today"" show. >> the other thing i think it shows is the deep civil war going on in the republican party. the message is moderates aren't welcome. mike castle, a moderate congressman rejected. that means that the moderate
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voters have to look long and hard before supporting these candidates. >> governor, i have great respect for you and i don't want to get in a scrap with you but i completely disagree with that. you're on this kick that there is a civil war. there is no civil war within the republican party. it took less than 24 hours for the republicans to embrace their newest tea party flavor of the week. everybody loves a winner. here cups mitt romney in front of the parade, rnc chairman michael steele and mitch mcconnell is in love now and john cornyn never misses an opportunity to jump in front of the camera and say, yeah, i have with her all along. here comes sarah palin and every conservative talk show host in america wrapping their arms around o'donnell. i guarantee you jim demint is drunk with power tonight, high-fiving republicans behind closed doors. what we are seeing is a masterful rebranding of the republican party.
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they don't care how crazy their candidates are. o'donnell, sharron angle, rand paul, they don't care. see, the key is they just have to have an r behind their name on the ballot. that's what it's all about. there's no way republicans and right-leaning independents are absolutely going to flock to the democrats because they think the tea party is too crazy to be on the ballot. that's why tim kaine needs to quit psycho analyzing the republican party and focus on our team. let me focus on this for a moment. it's the old football coach. his buddy's across the field and after the game, the coach comes up and says, i didn't like the way you ran the score up on me, coach. it's not my job to get your team ready. it's my job to get my team ready. we have to get our team ready. the key to all of this is the base. are the base democrats going to find it in their heart, their soul and are they going to do something about it in november
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or let the tea partiers take over the republican party? did we miss the press release today? was there a press release out there today, mike? mike castle who lost to o'donnell in delaware, right, did he throw his support behind president obama today? i don't think so. do you mean to tell me we had this big discussion on the program last night and in the country last couple of days on talk radio about how the president of the united states should not be allowed to go talk to public school children, but when it comes to election, you know, these same righties, we can't help out the tea partiers. let me tell you something, the republicans love what's going on right now. they love the narrative that's been developed against the president they and want to destroy. they think it's cancerous on america. the bottom line, for our team tonight, what are we going to do? which brings me to the state of new hampshire.
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ann mclean custer, she smoked blue dog joe lieberman sweat by 42 points for the democratic nomination for new hampshire's second congressional district. now, you might be thinking that's not a real big deal. yes, it is. amazing progressive grass roots support put custer right over the top in the progressive change campaign committee poured in over $100,000 on her campaign. she's a lefty, using $3 donations, and $5 donations. where did i hear that before? because progressive support custer has outraised her republican challenger 3-1. don't tell me it can't happen. it can happen. this is the model that the democrats need to focus on. i don't care what their team does over there. in the long run, they're losers if we do what we have to do. we have to stay energized, and that's what this march is all
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about on october 2nd, to get some confidence in our tackle box, so to speak. we're six weeks away from what is going to be a very powerful moment in american history. are we going to stay the course or are we going to just "here i am, back to it again, quit and do like sarah palin" just quit. turn your back on the people and go make a million dollars. the progressive movement is much more than that. get your cell phones out, folks. i want to know what you think. the question is tonight -- do you think the tea party movement is bad for america? text a for yes, b for no. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me now is adam green, cofounder of the progressive campaign change committee. you can find them on line a boldprogressives. org.
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>> the model is fight really hard on behalf of the little guys, middle-class families and ignore those that say selling out the corporations is the only way for democrats to win. if we stand up four our values, 54s will be excited to come out for democrats. >> how do you instill that in the base between now and november? >> well, we have to keep drawing contrasts like we did in yesterday's big victory. this was a people powered victory. what was beautiful was it was a clean contrast. we had ann mclean custer, a real progressive that put middle-class families front and center and campaigned for strong wall street reform and made an active issue out of how she supported tax cuts for middle-class but was dead set against tax cuts for millionaires. on the other hand we had katrina sweat. she was an early supporter of
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the iraq war and early supporter of bush's tax cuts for millionaires and said ann custer was too progressive and told democratic activists to not go with their heart. they said, no thanks, we want the progressive candidate that will but middle-class families and jobs front and center, and by a 71% margin, she won. >> the nation, which we all read an awful lot, say this is a victory for the professional left. i kind of chuckled when i read that today. what do you make of it? >> well, if by professional left, the nation means over 1,000 grass roots volunteers that ann mclean had in her district going door to door -- i saw them for myself yesterday -- well, that's one thing. >> hold it right there. that's the key, lefties. if you do the work, if you do the door-to-door, if you do the
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social networking, if you stick to the principles and show up and get it done, look what's going to happen. now,that the message, adam? >> that's exactly right. for those in less competitive district than this new hampshire 2nd district, tens of thousands of people went to our website, and nearly 10,000 people contributed to ann mclean custer and others signed up to do phone banking from their homes to key target voters, and through this we not just turned out democrats, but we turned out independent voters and like-minded republican voters. they said, look, i want a real populist candidate that will fight for values like mine. >> adam green, you're doing what you have to do. thanks for doing it, and congratulations. let's bring in mike papantonio. your take on what has unfolded in the last 24 hours. we've seen the righties distance themselves from o'donnell but as soap as she wins, sure, we're going to support her.
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what do you make of it? >> i'm concerned when you are concerned and i hear it in your vice. you are concerned about what we should be worried about, elections are won by energy. that's what gets people out to vote. republicans show up in midterms, progressives don't. there is a bright side to this, and let me just give that bright side. in 2008, 50% of americans supported the tea bagger movement. they didn't see them as being crazy and frenzied. today less than 25% of the american public supports them. like it or not, whether the republicans think it is good or bad, but like it or not, they have more offed into the republican party. you use the term tea bagger as you use republican. billionaires like coke invented the tea party and now they're look, back and saying, in inventing the tea party, did we destroy the republican party.
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now, you said something that scares me. you said no. that is a scary thought. let me spin it the best way i can. let me put a happy side to it because i think, you know what, you're right a lot more than i am right. i have to look at this as positive as i can. there was a day, really was a day, when you had the moderate republicans, genuine independents and blue dog democrats that never would have voted for ideologue republicans, but the other side of that is that you very rarely have seen democrats brought in by the frenzied right. there's two sides of it. i can't think of an election where you can say democrats, i mean, real democrats have been brought in by the frenzied right. i feel good about that. >> the turnout has not bode well so far this year for democrats number one, so the base has to be fired up. the base is the key to this in november. the other thing is that
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president obama has been a target of the right wing. they've been a target of the republicans. they've said no to everything because they want him out of office, and their thirst for hower is unbelievable and they're not going to parcel out whether this person is way to right, i can't support them. no. i think the moderate republicans are going to continue to vote for anybody that has an r behind their name. that's the alarm that liberals have to hear tonight. >> they have to hear it and they have to do what you're saying. there is an answer. any time you have fear without a potential answer, that's a problem, but your answer here is the same thing all of us are saying. look, october 2nd you're opposite going to be in washington, d.c. and saying as you give your speech we can do something. number one, not assume that what all of the wisdom talkser of the typical democratic leadership is saying is correct, that we can't look at this as an opportunity
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unless we do the second part, to get motivated like we did in the last election, show up like we did, and forget all of the differences. forget the fact that obama didn't deliver every single thing he said he would deliver, forget the fact that rahm emanuel destroyed the progressive arm of the party. we have to put that aside and understand that if they don't lift ton you when you are out there speaking in washington and telling them to show up to vote, we be living in the time with boehner running things, and mcconnell running things, michelle bachman is running things. >> i can't take any more of those names. mike, i can't take anymore of those names. great to have you with us, my friend. let's keep battling away. coming up -- the righties are going berserk. i have to be honest with you, it's been a lot of fun to watch.
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paranoid false prophet beck is fighting back with his prediction of violence from the left. i think he's totally lost his mind. bill o'reilly calls steve a pinhead. michael steele trying to get the speaker feared? not going to happen. congress and elijah comings is going to handle that next on the "the ed show." [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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coming up, the president made a brilliant move today. everybody around the world is talking about the tea party win last night, so he comes out and changes the subject. he hit the rose garden, spike the ball, on the small business bill and slammed the republican obstructionists for turning their backs again on the middle class. chairman of the white house, counsel on economic advisers austan goolsbee will hammer it home.
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welcome back to "the ed show." the circumstance kiss road into washington on the rnc chairman michael steele's fire pelosi bus today. the people heading it. michael steele, and psycho sister michelle bachman. they are all revved up and they want to can pelosi. >> we hung that sign many months ago, folks in this town and elsewhere didn't think we were serious. guess what, folks, we're dead serious. >> speaker ppelosi, i am here to deliver a message from the job creators of minnesota 6th district, if you go forward with your out of control spending and your dramatic tax increases and
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your job-killing policies, you will kill more jobs in minnesota's sixth district. speaker pelosi, i am calling on you to cut tacks, cut spending so we can have job creation going forward in this country. knowing you won't do that, we are here to wish you a happy retirement. >> hold it there. i know a little bit about minnesota, okay, but i will give an assignment to the wonderful viewers of "the ed show" tonight. why not look at the foreclosure rate and then call me tomorrow night. bachman, you have the highest foreclosure rate in your district. nancy pelosi showed nerves of steel, talk, about the democrats' chances in the midterms saying they will hold the house.
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>> i am not yielding one grain of sand. i want the same big, strong majority we have. this has nothing to do with me. it's about our fight for the american people and i think that's the contrast that will be drawn. republicans are there for the special interest. the special interest are pouring tens of millions if not 100 million dollars into the campaign. zbli joining me is congressman elijah cummings from maryland. >> good to be with you. >> are we seeing a better opportunity, your thoughts? >> i think we're seeing a better opportunity. let me go back to the speaker. she is right. this is not about her. this is about choices that people have to make, the electorate have to make, and, clearly, the speaker has consistently been one who has governed with a sense of the next generation as opposed to the next general election, and that's going to be the choice.
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are we going to save social security? are we going to do social security ins a our republican friends are saying? americans are going to have a clear choice, and the fact is that right now, ed, as you well know, the republicans are holding hostage this tax bill so that we can reduce the taxes for the middle class, but they want so badly, so badly, to give a tax cut to the richest of the rich, the millionaires and billionaires that they would hold hostage that tax cut for the middle class, and that's very sad. as i lift ton my friend ms. bachman that the republicans like michael steele are moving toward gimmicks. the people in my district don't have time for gimmicks. they need solutions. that's what the democrats have done over and over again, well-thought-out solutions opposed by the tea party and the republicans, and it's pain follow watch it to be frank with you.
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>> obviously, there is not going to be a whole lot getting done between now and the election. the naturetive playing out now, it seems clear, is that the democrats are for the middle class and that's the biggest voting block in the country. >> that's right. >> that economic portion of the country. >> that's right. >> so how do you get them excited? it's just a big job to convince that you've got more on the table tore them than the republicans or is that too simple? >> it's not easy. the attention of the electorate is focused on all kinds of places, and people are in pain and i understand why they're in pain and we understand why they're upset. but we've got to keep explaining to them that we are on the path to recovery. the things that we are trying to do and have been doing are getting us there. a lot of people don't want to hear about the way things were
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when president obama came into office, but you almost have to let them have a point of reference, ed, so they can understand how far we have come, but, yet, still how far we've have to go and that it is taking time to do that. believe me, if we could wave a magic wand and have every single person who wants a job to have a job today, we would do it. but when this president came boo the white house, he not only was cupping into a ditch that had been created by our predecessors, but that ditch had quick sand at the bottom. >> at this point, congressman, i think really, we're at a juncture where the democrats have to go out there and stir the emotion. >> that's exactly right. >> stir the emotion and say don't give up. it's been less than two years. if it works, it works. if it doesn't it doesn't. >> ed, i'm in total agreement. we've got to go out and there say, we know we're on the path to recovery. we need you.
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let's do this together. it can be done. forget the naysayers. this is america. we can do this. >> congressman, see you october 2nd. >> look forward to seeing you. >> up next, christine o'donnell says the president is unamerican. i'm slamming the first-timer right into the zone.
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in psycho talk tonight, one day after her primary victory, republican senate candidate and chastity it candidate makes her virgin voyage into the zone. she showed her wing nut colors on fox news with this analysis of the democratic party. >> let me get christine o'donnell's thoughts on. who do republicans want to run against? >> i would prefer barack obama because he is so liberal that he's anti-american. >> she had the righty lingo down pretty good back then, didn't she? o'donnell has learned a lot in the last two years. her victory speech borrowed all kinds of material from her fellow famous tea partiers. the cause is restoring america. >> we must restore america and restore her honor. >> some words of wisdom from thomas jefferson. >> john adams, george washington, thomas jefferson.
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>> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> the power of one person making a difference. >> you betcha. there's another woman i got to thank. you betcha! >> well, christine, you sound like you're trying to be the next sarah palin, and you are well on your way. by the way, welcome to psycho talk. coming up, president obama hit it out of the park today. he came out and ripped into the tan man and his republican pals for holding down the middle class and holding them hostage in america. austan goolsbee, chairman of the white house council on economic vers is standing with the president today. he'll bring us straight talk next in the battle ground. everybody is bashing bush's brain today. huffington post cocreator can't wait to take swings on this subject.
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reverend jesse jackson is in the play book th a big story out of chicago and new jersey governor chris christie is doing everything che to trim the fat -- i mean, the budget. welcome back.
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welcome back. the battleground story, the republicans are trying to destroy this president by destroying the kmik. minority leader john boehner must have been taken to the republican wood shed. no more talk of a tax cut compromise from him. they called the republicans out accusing them of holding the middle class hostage. >> right now, we could decide to extend tax relief for the middle class. right now, we could decide that every american household would receive a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income.
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once again, the leaders across the aisle are saying no. they want to hold these middle-class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> this is who the republicans are and who they have been all along. it's about tax cuts for the middle class class. here is a nebraska senator mike johanns talking on c span about small business. >> small businesses need another loan like they need another kick in the pants. only two republican senators voted to move forward on the business bill and both of them are retiring. i don't think the republicans want to do anything to help job creation in this country because a better economy will only hurt their chances at the ballot box. joining me now is austan goolsbee, the new chairman of the council of economic advisers for the white house. good to have you with us
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tonight. this has been good news in recent days for the white house, is it not? >> i wouldn't say good news. what we want on the policy side is to get these small business packages through and get the middle-class tax cuts through because they're both very important for the economy and the fact that they won't go along and we can't do this is not so great. now, it's heartening that two republicans looked at the small business situation and stopped with the game-playing and so it looks like we're going to gait vote on that. that part is good news. >> there will probably be some other republicans come along because you have been hammering them on the middle class. they're not doing anything for the middle class and they haven't. tell our audience what $30 billions in lending go to do for our economy? what are your expectations? >> i think it can do two things that are important. one, you should be proud, ed,
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this is the son of the old ed plan. >> i told you this back at that gig we were at in washington. >> you did. >> i said, you got to get money to small businesses. >> yep. as you know, small business is more dependent on bank credit than any other business. anybody who has been dependent on banks has really been suffering because of the credit crunch. i think cheap capital will allow them to expand. >> the credit and lending, but what did you make of senator johanns from nebraska saying that? >> i don't know what he was talking about, because i talk to a lot of small business leaders, and small businessmen around the country, and women, and they say that credit is extremely tight, their collateral is being pinched by the bank. they're being told they can't have credit when they need it, and the other thing i would say to congressman johanns is that's not the only thing that small
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business initiative would do. it would cut eight different taxes. it would set the capital gains trite zero for anybody who starts their own business or invests in a small business. this is important. we need to do it. >> it's very important and we have talked about it for a year. this is pete sessions talking about the democrats' agenda. this is how they throw it back at you and it's totally false. >> democrats have an agenda that is all about destroying jobs in this country and in turn the middle class of this country. republicans will not tolerate that. >> that is psycho talk. this is unbelievable. what they're saying and how they're twisting it. in the meantime, here's what the republican plan is when it comes to tax cuts. mitch mcconnell has this out there. they want a tax cut over the first ten years of $3.8 trillion. this is what it would cost the economy.
3:38 am
how can you lose this argument in a any way, shape or form? >> i'm just a policy guy. i don't know about the politics or what it means, but all i know is if you line up ten out of ten experts, they would agree that the least effective form of getting the economy going is tax cuts to the very highest income people. and all of the objective analysis has shown that. so if you look at these tax cuts, where we all should be able to agree to extend the tax cuts for 98% of americans, really, the tax cuts on the first $250,000 for everyone, and then it would apply to 98% of americans exclusively. let's do that. >> all right. >> and then if you want to help the economy, pass the small business bill. pass the president's efforts to get investment in this country for tax incentives for investment. don't use the money for very high income people. >> yeah.
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>> which is $700 billion are borrowing that's not going to work. >> nbc news is reporting just a little while ago that elizabeth warren has been named as a special adviser to the white house in the treasury department in dealing with the consumer advocacy group. there's been a lot of people on the left that have been advocating for elizabeth warren. what can you tell us about this? >> elizabeth warren is an old friend of mine. i like her very much but i'm not going to scoop anybody on any announcements. she has been a tireless advocate of consumer financial protection, and it was really kind of came up with the brain child of the consumer financial protection bureau. >> good to have you with us. i hope you can fix the economy, but senior from waco texas, can you do something about the cowboys holding on the last play of the game? >> you're killing me. i thought we were friends. >> thanks.
3:40 am
let's go rapid fire response from our panel tonight on these stories. i know the conventional wisdom says tea party victories are good for democrats but i still think independents will vote with tea partiers over liberals in a bad economy. glen beck's insane paranoia continues. he says tea partiers stand for peace because the left is all about violence. and, well, let's get the panel's thoughts on the dnc's new look and it's slogan, change that matters. all right. with us tonight, carren hunter, journalist and publisher and michael medved. karen hunter, does this help the democrats, these tea partiers getting ushered in and getting set up for november? >> i know a lot of people think that it helps but it doesn't help either party, to be honest with you.
3:41 am
these folks are speaking to a fringe but they're not really a fringe. when you think about christine o'donnell, this is somebody who just got her degree a couple of weeks ago because she owed a school debt, sued by the irs, had a tax lien foreclosed on her house. she is middle america and people are relating to her and people like sarah palin because she's just like them. >> michael medved, is this the new republican party? i made a comment that moderate republicans aren't going to turn to the democrats or anybody else other than tea partiers. if they have an r behind their name on the ballot, they will get the vote. what do you think? >> i think you are right. i think christine o'donnell is electable. i didn't support her pep i thought mike castle was a stronger candidate but she is electable. right next door to delaware, over in maryland, there was another tea party supported candidate, brian murphy who got crushed by the mainstream
3:42 am
republican candidate in the gubernatorial race. the republican party is a big tent. we have people in the center. >> big tent? >> what? >> i think you're wrong on that. there's not an our side. a lot of the politicians are forgetting it is we the people and people are voting for people they relate to. doesn't matter what the party is, tea partiers, democrats, republicans, they're voting for people who are speebing to them. >> karen, it's not speaking to people. it's what direction you want to move the country, and there is an overwhelming majority of americans who believe government shouldn't get bigger, we shouldn't spend more, that taxes shouldn't get higher, and that's your american majority. that includes republican moderates, conservatives, tea partiers and thinking democrats, too. >> with that, karen, what about the tax cuts that the president was talking about this afternoon? >> i was going to say, with all of that, there's no plan on the other side.
3:43 am
just we don't want this or that but the president is trying to do something to change the country and trying to do something to put us on the right track after 12 years, that debacle we had under george w. bush. we do want something different and people who are going to work for us and smaller government, the majority of us, myself included, but there are no great ideas coming from the republican party outside of this tea party movement. >> it's called the opposition party. right now the president says you can either go forward or in reverse. if you're driving toward a cliff, you don't want to go forward. >> we went over the cliff. he is trying to pull us back. >> i want to turn to glen beck and his insane paranoia. >> do we have to? >> we have to because he's in the mill of this whole thing and people actually follow this guy. this is what he said, inciting violence in my opinion. >> violence is coming, and it is coming from the left.
3:44 am
and so america must have a clear choice. you really are -- you really are the people that are peaceful, that believe in the free market system that believe in small government, that don't believe in corruption, that don't believe in special interests and earmarks and everything. that's who you really are. >> this president believes in the free market. he doesn't believe in corruption. i don't know where this guy is coming from. michael, you're a national talker. he says that violence is coming. is that responsible? >> no, it is not responsible. let me say that on the left and on the right and ed i want to call you out a little bit. i don't think you really believe that john boehner and mitch mcconnell want to wreck the economy. >> oh, i do. i do. just look at how they vote. >> by the way, there are people on my side who say barack obama is deliberately wrecking the economy and they are wrong. we all want the economy to get better. we all have a stake in it.
3:45 am
this rhetoric that one side wants violence and one side is decent and one side is good. listen, that's why we got to get together. that's why people voted for barack obama. >> explain the record filibuster we had to live through. you are living in a cocoon if you think we're live -- it's the party of no. you know that. >> ed, you have big majorities in both houses. nancy pelosi talked about a big, strong, democratic majority. you have it. you're responsible for what's happened last two years. >> look home bills the house has passed and what the senate has done? the 60 votes has been a problem for the democrats. there is obstruction big time. >> all of the things he wanted from congress. he got financial reform, obama care, stimulus. he got it all and now look. >> i will bring you back and
3:46 am
talk more about this. karen hunter, obviously, you will be back. >> challenge me. i love it. mr. pinhead, bill o'reilly is stirring up trouble with one of his colleagues, and the brave men and women keeping our streets safe say they're in danger. folks, when cops put out an sos, we have got to respond. reverend jesse jackson brings the passion on that subject next from chicago in the play book.
3:47 am
the survey question is, do you think the tea party movement is bad for america? a for yes, b for no.
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3:49 am
police officers are supposed to protect the public, but in chicago, it's the officers themselves who say they are in danger. the city's fraternal order of police says a decline in man power is putting their safety and citizens' safety at risk. today, hundreds of union members
3:50 am
marched in front of chicago's police headquarters protesting the superintendent's policies and demanding he resign. joining me is reverend jesse jackson, president of the rainbow push foundation. what is the situation? >> critical. on the one hand, 900 have retired and 300 have been hired. we have support for baghdad but not chicago. they are protesting because the citizens are demanding more diversity and an end to police brutality. a guy who they marched for, they beat a man in a wheelchair who was shackled, and we turned it over to civil rights and got two years in jail. they are protesting that. another case of police beating a woman behind the counter. they were fighting for him. it is not just about more police but about police account sbiblt fairness. >> can they function when the rank and file want the
3:51 am
superintendent to resign. he says today he won't resign. >> he should not resign on the basis that they are fighting him. chicago is paying 50 million plus dollars on a confessed torturer. in all of these cities, we need more police. and we have enough troops for sfwablt security in baghdad but not in chicago and new york and l.a., and we need them. their reasoning has little to do with enough police as it does with the behavior of police, the woman beaten behind the bar or the man shackled and handcuffed and beaten. >> reverend, all of the shootings in chicago, is it the economy, is it the stress on society? what do you think? >> well, it's a combination, you know, plants close, and drugs and guns are coming. they are not marching against access to m-16 and ak-47s.
3:52 am
when the police are outgunned and guns are on the market, you can buy semiautomatic weapons. we should march against the weapons of mass destruction. we have not done that, and that's a significant issue. >> good to you have with us. thank you very much. >> and the bears will beat dallas on this coming sunday. >> the bears will beat dallas? >> that's my prediction. >> they barely beat detroit. they caught the ball from detroit. we'll do this again. >> and the dallas barely lost but they did lose. talk about it next week. >> final page in the play book tonight. we know fox and friends psycho talker steve doocy isn't big on details but this brings it to a new level. >> thank you. we will be watching tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> 8:00 eastern. >> i'm going to watch at 9:00. >> you're a pinhead. only 13 years i have been on at 8:00.
3:53 am
only 13. you want to know what a pinhead is. >> can i get doocy's on the cover? >> i agree with bill o'reilly on that, steve doocy is a psycho talking pinhead huffington post co-creator get in on it next. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of cost support. simponi™ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious and sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, cancer in children and adults,
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finally tonight, conservatives are banning together to support the psycho talking delaware state candidate christine o'donnell at the expense of karl rove. last night on hantty's show, karl ripped into o'donnell. >> it does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day while they may be conservative in their public statements do not have the characterists of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity that voters are looking for. there are a lot of nutty things she's been saying. >> the right wing backlash against those comments erupted on the air wafbs.
3:58 am
o'donnell kicked things up this morning. >> i think he's seeing that he is one of the so-called experts whose credibility was hurt last night. everything that he is saying is unfactual. it's a shame. >> i never heard karl as animated against an democrat as he was against christine o'donnell. why is he so mad at a republican? where was this anger directed at a democrat ever? >> my message to those who say that the gop nominee is not electable or not going to try, i say, buck up. >> let's bring in the founding editor of the huffington post. what do you make of the family feud? >> i think we have to erect a tombstone that says moderate republicans rest in peace. we have an identify ty crisis in the gop between the old guard and the new guard.
3:59 am
it seems like it would be a good thing for democrats but i don't think we should rush into that because the energy is still all on the republican side. we see the turnout is higher, and we see in the polls interest in voting, much, much higher on the republican side. the question becomes -- where are the democrats going to get that energy from? >> this candidate has failed to pay her tacks for five years. >> yep, yep. >> she had to get that rectified, and also misrepresented her education. if a liberal did that what would the right wing do? >> she's shown you don't have to pay your bills or taxes, mooch off your campaign, no visible mean es for support. this is the brave new world of tea party politics that we're entering. >> always a pleasure. good to have you with us. >> we'll talk football next time, ed. >> tonight i asked, do you think the tea party movement is bad for america. 74% said yes, 26 said no. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. see you tomorrow night. have a great one.

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